Creating Coaching Cultures

Why would you develop a coaching culture in your organisation?

A coaching culture is a culture that enables quality conversations between all levels of employees.  Relationship building is also a strong feature of a coaching culture.  Communication and relationships built on trust deliver cohesive approaches to team work, results and change agendas.

In starting to develop a coaching culture organisation need to be clear with people on the reasons for change and make people part of the process.

See key areas below

1. Leaders who can role model behaviours that are part of a coaching culture
Understanding what are the key behaviours and having leaders able to live them in the organisation

2. Link coaching outcomes to success of the business
Prioritise coaching behaviours for success. (Relationships, Trust, Listening, Feedback) What is the business that coaching is addressing?

3. Coach senior leadership teams in creating cultural change
Do your senior leadership/key influencers know how to create cultural change?
What would they be doing differently if they embarked on creating a coaching culture?  Are they onboard?

4. Reward coaching culture behaviours
Move towards coaching behaviours being recognised consistently, make it real.  
Give the organisation visibility on the behaviours/people that are being rewarded.  .

5. Integrate coaching behaviours into talent management and learning/developing processes.

Developing a coaching culture takes time; critical to the success are the leaders of the organisation.  Organisations need the commitment and understanding of their leaders in evolving the culture to one which puts the emphasis on the right behaviours to engage with people.  A coaching culture is one which uncovers potential and ultimately gives employees more control of what they do, the results they achieve and how they grow themselves and the organisation.

Engagement and Results