Coaching Culture Example

Multinational Sales & IT Organisation

The work of developing a coaching culture was undertaken to improve performance,  team communication and sales results. Starting off I completed a set of team analyses to understand the key behaviours that underpinned communication and results.. These one to one interviews with teams gave me valuable data  on relationships, trust, motivation and organisational mood. I also worked with employee forums to gather data, get ideas, give feedback from staff about what behaviour changes were needed to get improvements.

From the behavioural analysis recommendations were made to implement quarterly reward and recognition programmes to recognise both employee performance and behaviour. Also as part of this approach I also worked as a team coach to develop key behaviours in the senior team to move the team from a potential team to a high performing one. I coached team leaders to consistently communicate and role model the critical behaviours that underpin strong relationships e.g. trust, feedback, listening and authenticity. The results of this coaching culture work were significant performance gains in sales results and employee engagement. Results were measured through sales targets and an employee engagement survey.

Leaders develop from listening to their followers; followers develop from watching their leaders.