Values & Beliefs


My coaching approach is to begin from a strengths platform. Starting with what’s you are not good at puts people’s defenses up and decreases the energy for change. Change happens when people are open and ready for it. Working with whole person enables growth.


Awareness is the real change agent. I work closely with each coaching client on what they need to know about themselves for change to happen. This is change from the inside out. These insights translate into action and long term change. Individual change is also affected by other factors e.g. readiness to change, cultural context, work systems the support for change. 

Judgement Free

I approach each new coaching engagement with an open mind. I have learned that behaviours take place for a reason. Not making judgements of people gives me freedom to hear and see all of the person and the best way to help them.


Your energy is your power to get things done, to feel better, to get over the line. Sleep, relaxation, laughing, taking exercise need to work in tandem with working hard and getting things done. Your energy is your life force, it helps you make an impact, build relationships, drive change and keep discovering potential in yourself. 

Potential in People

If we only concentrate on performance we limit the potential of the person and the organisation. People become interested in themselves when they realise the strengths they have and what they could achieve. Coaching is a way of helping people get the insights they need and building their belief in themselves for change and action in the future.


Your authentic self thrives when you work from your strengths, your energy is strong and you are doing work that has meaning and purpose for you. With each coaching client I seek to bring through their authentic self, to give an awareness of who they truly are or want to be. Our strongest self is our authentic self.

Use of Self 

Use of self by the coach means the coach is tuned into the person they are working with.  Thoughts, feelings, body language are facilitated by the coach and explored to help the person get insight into themselves to make the changes they want.


Change through Awareness