Coaching Leaders

For you as a leader I provide a space that’s not in your workplace. This is your space to think out loud, to reflect and understand how you feel.  Change takes place through our emotions, understanding how you feel is critical to making changes. My experience with leaders is not that they need the answers but they need the space to explore their own thinking and feeling.

I help leaders unravel messy thinking, express feelings; you can’t do this in your head.  Through the expression of your thoughts out loud there is a power of transformation possible which leads to long term change and action.

Potential Outcomes from Coaching

  • Breakthroughs in your thinking
  • Make changes in your performance
  • Move from complexity to clarity
  • Energy unstuck resulting in action
  • Realise potential

Agenda Leaders bring to Coaching

  • Explore what’s next in their future
  • Develop potential
  • Work through a significant challenge in current role
  • Work Life Balance, Stress Management
  • Develop new behaviours, e.g. Strategy, Influencing, Vision, Listening
  • Team Development/Relationship & Communication
  • Become a stronger more confident Leader

Insights, Energy, Action