Yvonne Fagan Coaching Introduction

I started working in the coaching field in 2002 in a multinational IT and sales organisation. I had previously worked in sales, marketing and banking. The transition into coaching was as easy one as I had always been interested in developing people.

As an internal coach working on sales performance with sales representatives, first line managers and then transitioned into more work over the years with senior managers and their teams working on leadership, team performance and behavioural change.

I set up my own coaching consultancy in 2008 to grow my own skills and also to work in a broader range of sectors. The variety of work that I do now spans:

  • One to one coaching with Leaders and Managers
  • Team coaching and development
  • Leading Coach Training Programmes in Smurfit Business School
  • Supervisor to developing coaches
  • Bespoke workshops on dealing with change

In all my work I seek to bring an authentic personal approach to working with every leader, supporting him/her to address the challenges they have in developing the pathways to changing their life, business performance and personal contentment. I believe in every person’s potential to be the change they want to be.

Support, Challenge, Change